Sunday, May 31, 2009

getting started "install Ubuntu Linux -- try 1"

One of the things that steered me away from the Knoppix Distro was that there were several warnings on the web about not expecting knoppix to be well behaved when installed. Plus the install procedure was not as straightforward as using the "install" button on the Ubuntu desktop.

Even so, It took me several tries to get all the way through an install with which I was Happy! I tried the automatic install into the largest available free space and it found/made(?) a 2.3gb partition into which it installed ubuntu. I discovered that the space was as small as it was and that it was insufficient only after I started downloading and installing additional applications (Which I will discuss in a future entry and was informed that I was out of space. This surprised me as I thought the install had used the (much larger) free space from my windows partition. So much for assumptions....

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  1. Hello,

    Welcome to Ubuntu! Ubuntu is a great OS, and I'm sure you'll like it! :)

    For the installation, you should manually partition it yourself.

    If you feel confident enough, you can use GParted (a partition editor) to edit the partitions before installing. (The Ubuntu install already does that though)

    GParted is located under System > Administration > Partition Editor.

    To fix your current situation, you have 2 options:

    1) Delete your current Ubuntu install and reinstall

    2) Resize Ubuntu partition

    It's your choice. If you need any help at all,
    don't hesitate to contact me.
    DC: jimhap
    Email: jimmyhappyi ::at:: g + mail + a dot + com
    (Just decode the email - it's simple. I just don't want spambots to pick up this email...)